Not to leave you hanging…

Yes yes, I know I haven’t been cranking out the free loops on a “daily” basis this week. A full refund is in the mail. I promise. You see, things are pretty crazy around “Casa del Gruss” at the moment. We’re currently looking for some new digs (something a little more drummer friendly.. you know, ideally with a barn and a 48 channel Neve console) and I’m finishing up Volume II of Gruss Loops… to be released next week! But fear not, here’s a loop to keep you cheap bastards entertained in the meantime.


Loop #77

Today’s loop is a good old, “drop it on top of whatever” type of dance beat. You can’t go wrong with a nice bell pattern on the ride, a straight 4/4 beat between the kick and snare and a hefty amount of filtering.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (180MB)

Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

122 BPM

3 thoughts on “Not to leave you hanging…

  1. a note to say thanks for including .rx2 files! I like to use them in Reason as much as the next guy but recently found out you can bring them into the ESX24 in Logic. Amazing! Adds to my urge to subscribe..

    Free is free take your time with the daily beats! and good luck on the house hunt!

  2. I thought every drummer, not just Billy Cobham and Levon Helm, had a 48 channel Neve in their barn. I have a 96 channel SSL myself, but that’s because I am a bass player, and need the extra 48 channels for ambient outtakes when Eno and/or Danny Lanois pop by with Bono. and Huey.

    btw, for Meestar Ghostdad above, the Rex2 files “del” (?) Gruss has done also work great in Stylus RMX..and from there, “one” can REALLY screw I mean well as disassemble them into other drum loops, which can be found on my mirror site from Uzbekistan, which conveniently is bounced guessed it! my barn. I am offering the whole series “Original Hot!! House Beatzzz! for the low price of..oops, is that the censor’s button I see com..

  3. this cheap bastard was starting to lose interest. heh…

    I don’t use the loops, maybe one day. I just enjoy the blog

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