This One’s for Bobby

One of my RSS subscribers
One of my RSS subscribers

I’ve been getting hounded with emails from subscriber, Bobby Lee, (above pic) asking me to post some “real music”. Apparently jazz/fusion isn’t his cup of tea… or errr, can of Old Milwaukee. Anyway, I traced Bobby’s IP address and discovered he lives in Varner, Arkansas. I aim to please, so here’s a beat found in many of the songs of another Arkansas native, Johnny Cash.

Loop #8

This groove is a pretty straight ahead train beat. I used brushes on my brass snare and like yesterday’s loop, I didn’t muffle the kick drum. Bobby Lee, hopefully this gets your stamp of approval.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (31MB)

260 BPM

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  1. Chris J

    Boom-Chicka-Boom-Chicka heaven just around the bend,

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