Business in the front, party in the rear.

Back before Michael Jackson was hosting questionable sleepovers, hanging babies over balconies and serving up Jesus Juice, he released a string of classic albums. My favorite of the pre-Wacko Jacko era is, without a doubt, his 1979 release, “Off the Wall”. You don’t need to slip me a funny drink to enjoy this record.


The drummer responsible for the infectious grooves on Off the Wall is John “JR” Robinson. Not only am I a fan of JR’s playing, we also have a few things in common:

1. We were both born and raised in Iowa.

2. We both attended Berklee College of Music.

3. We both sported mullets back in the day.

John "JR" Robinson

Loop #10

Today’s loop is a hat tip to JR with a post-mullet twist. A 16th note pattern keeps things moving while an AutoFilter and a touch of distortion add some sonic coloring.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (33MB)

110 BPM

2 thoughts on “Business in the front, party in the rear.

  1. Aaron

    Hey, where’s *your* mullet picture?

  2. Ryan

    Unfortunately, my 8th grade yearbook picture doesn’t come up on a google image search. Looks like I need to dust off the scanner….

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