Loops That Go Well With Popcorn

The tyrants over at The Loop Loft have been leaving threatening messages on my voicemail, promising I’ll soon awake to a horse head in my bed if I don’t promote their latest release, Cinematic Drums. So, rather than ruin my 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, I decided to give in and provide the following shout […]

Developing A Theme

Here’s a great example of taking a melodic theme on the drums and developing it throughout the entire course of a solo. Also, I love the sound of Joey’s bass drum. Totally wide open and ringy… it almost sounds like a timpani.

Beat It – The Isolated Drum Tracks

I just stumbled on a YouTube gem. Check out this isolated drum track (well, live drums along with a drum machine) from Beat It, performed by the late, great Jeff Porcaro.

New ReFill for Reason 5 – The Art of Brushes

You’re probably asking yourself, why doesn’t Ryan post on this blog as much as he used to? What happened to all of the Dave Weckl jokes? Where are all of the references to 80’s hair metal? Well, things have been absolutely nuts for me lately. Nuts in a good way.. but nuts, nonetheless. A major, […]

Smoldering With Smitty

Here’s a great video of Marvin “Smitty Smith showing us how to rock a flat top and a drum solo in 3/4 (at the same time).

Things Are Really Getting Odd

Between assembling baby furniture, raking leaves in the yard, and diligently working on a new ReFill for Propellerhead, I somehow managed to crank out another collection of beats and samples for The Loop Loft. I also managed to not update this blog in several weeks. So sorry. Anyway, this particular collection consists entirely of odd […]

Friday Funk

When I was in high school, my friends and I were huge Rage Against The Machine fans. When I think back to my senior year, “Killing In The Name Of” is the soundtrack in my mind that accompanies the memories. Such sweet, innocent times. This is why I was struck with a serious case of […]