Lust for Loops

Before “Lust for Life” was pimped out as the jingle for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (as well as being covered by Mötley Crüe, Tom Jones and, I shit you not, Bruce Willis), it was one of the classic punk/pop anthems to emerge from the late 1970’s. With thunderous, hypnotic drums and two guitars doubling the bass line, it’s one of those tracks that barrels forward like a locomotive controlled by Billy Mays (if train engineers weren’t required to take drug tests).

Iggy Pop - Singer/Contortionist
Iggy Pop - Singer/Contortionist

Loop #88

Today’s loop takes a cue from Hunt Sales’ original drum groove (one that, apparently, makes you want to spend a week in a 8’x10′ room and eat from buffets), and tightens things up just a bit. Less slosh on the hats and some snappy bass drum will let you go ahead and create your own radio-friendly variation to cash in on. Oh wait, The Strokes and Jet beat you to it.

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202 BPM

I Want You to Loop Me

Everyone has their “go to” jukebox songs. The frat boys always go to “Ants Marching”. The Parrot Heads consistently go to “Margaritaville” and the stoners love themselves some “Redemption Song”.

And for me? Well, after a few pints, it’s not unusual for me to scrounge around for a some quarters, stumble over to the nearest jukebox and punch the buttons for my “go to” song: Cheap Trick’s 1979 power-pop classic, “I Want You to Want Me”.

It’s the ultimate bar song. Loud guitars. Huge, anthemic choruses. And a great rock-shuffle groove that has undoubtedly lead to many walks of shame.

Bun E. Carlos - Cheap Trick
Bun E. Carlos - Cheap Trick

Loop #16

In order to get in the last call, 1:45am, run-to-the-jukebox state of mind, I guzzled 4 imperial pints of Brooklyn Lager, ate a plate of greasy buffalo wings (ranch dressing, not blue cheese) and then repeatedly drunk-dialed my wife. All from my studio. She finally made me come upstairs and go to bed. But only after I recorded this loop.

8 bars dirty. 8 bars clean. Rinse and repeat.

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206 BPM