I am a drummer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I previously lived in NYC and Los Angeles where I had the chance to record, collaborate and tour with a wide range of artists. I started this blog with the intention of sharing, transferring and exploring musical ideas with my friends around the world… as well as anyone else who might stumble across this site.

All of the drum tracks (unless credited) are recorded at my studio using Logic Pro 9. I include mp3s of all my recordings for quick previews as well as separate links to the mixed down WAV, AIFF and REX2 files. Feel free to download, cut-up, eq, compress, distort, and mutate my drum parts and use them for your own projects. All I ask is that you adhere to the Creative Commons license and send me a link to the final product when you’re finished. Let’s see what happens…

Creative Commons License

If any of these free loops are totally blowing your mind and you want to use them for a commercial purpose (film, album, Slanket™ infomercial etc.), drop me a line here to obtain a license. If you’re looking for royalty free loops with a wider range of grooves and fills, you can obtain everything you need at the world famous Loop Loft.

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  1. hallo ryan,

    i have used your motorhead-style drumtrack for my song “flöten otto”.
    it was fun because of your great recording. thank you very much. i try not to spend more time than one day on recording a track, so i never used real drums, but thanks to you its possible now!

    here is the link to my myspace-site:


    great blog. i will read it now every morning 😉

    greetings from berlin


  2. Ryan said:
    “Feel free to download, cut-up, eq, compress, distort, and mutate my drum parts and use them for your own projects. All I ask is that you send me a link to the final product when you’re finished. Let’s see what happens…”

    –Really? Cool! Time to get my chop on. Another thing I might do is take your audio file, and convert the timing to a midi file that I can use it as a “groove-quantizing source.” Basically someone could take any audio file (well drum files work better than other types of audio files) and then quantize things to it.

  3. Great idea. Really interesting commitment.
    I’d really likt tocheck out the Logic files, but
    I cant seem to get them to download.
    Anyone else having trouble with this?
    Perhaps I am a knucklehead?

  4. Hey Ryan – just want to write you again to THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to run this blog. I’m a non-drummer, laying down some drum tracks the “old fashioned”? way (EZ Drummer). You’ve given me lots of inspiration. I check out your site every day. None of this incredible technology would be available to the average rhythmic invalid without guys like you. Keep beating it!! RM (Upstate New York)

  5. hey, i’ve been checking out your site for a few weeks now pretty regularly. i’m a trombone player but i’ve been into drummers ever since i got a massive hard on for neil peart in high school. i really like the wide variety of styles you make loops in, and for free to boot!

    i’m in kind of a slump these days musically but i’m always looking for new ideas to make music, so i think i’m gonna try to make some songs with your loops. there are free loops all over the internet, but i figure i’ll just use whatever is on your site and see what i can do with it. here’s something i did with a couple of your most recent jazz loops in the background (gotta wait awhile ’til they come in). probably not what you had in mind when you were recording them, but you know…

  6. Hi Ryan, this is an awesome resource for kick ass drum loops! You da man! Thanks for sharing these, and may your tip jar overflow daily…

    Cheers to you mate
    Robert Renman
    Alberta, Canada

  7. yeah, really good site. really good drumming. and, i got to say, u really know how to treat yr beats too: the way u dirty them up in logic really shows good taste. keep em coming…

  8. Hi Ryan,

    I’m also a drummer, and have been enjoying reading your site for some time. You are clearly a great player, and are very good at recording your kit.

    I have shared your page with the good people on MacJams and think you will be getting some hits from them. I do all the collaborations I can for them, and they still need more drums…lol



  9. Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for all of the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog (and the loops!). I’m about to make some big additions to the site… so keep checking in!


  10. Hi Ryan.

    My name is Alexander Weber and I am one of the editors of the german print magazine for music production called “BEAT” (www.beat.de). The magazine appears monthly and reaches more than 26,000 readers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    We would like to put some of your loops on our monthly DVD to feature your work and website. Is it possible to get royalty free samples to give you a larger audience? Thanks for a quick feedback.

  11. Hey Thomas,

    Cool.. thanks for checking out my site. I see you live (or lived) in Des Moines. I’m sure we know a lot of the same people. That’s where I grew up…. I went to Valley High School. Is Don Jaqcues (sp?) still in town?


  12. I moved here in 2005. We probably know the same people. Don Jaques is here. We’ve never officially hung out but we know of each other. Everyone in town says the same thing about him: “sweetheart, amazing saxophonist” That’s the kind of person I want to hang with. 🙂

  13. hi ryan,

    great site, thanks for sharing, there’s a very good vibe here !

    keep on groovin’ 😉

    take care,

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