The Sound of Skin – A Free Download

Yep, this is what I spend my time working on.

via The Loop Loft:

Skin.  Not only is it our body’s largest organ, it’s now the latest addition to The Loop Loft’s offering of fine instruments.  Ever wondered what goosebumps sound like?   Does the skin of a newborn resonate more than that of a 34 year old man who’s never worn sunscreen?  How much bass can our cheeks really produce?  Does fist bumping sound as douchey as it looks? These were the types of questions that were keeping us up at night, so we set out to record the very thing that keeps us all together: our integumentary system.

Dry skin.  Oily skin.  Clean-shaven skin.  Three-day-scruff skin.  They all have unique sonic qualities… and we captured them in stunning, 24 bit, 48 khz detail.  This is not just another sample library, it’s a full-on loop collection served up in WAV, AIFF (Apple Loops) REX2 and Ableton Live Pack formats.
Preview the Skin Loops in action:

Normally, such an eclectic and innovative collection of loops and samples would cost tens, if not hundreds of dollars, but for a limited time, The Sound of Skin is available for FREE.  That’s right.  Just add it to your cart and checkout.  No credit card information is necessary for download.  Who’s got goosebumps now?

Number of Loops: 28

Tempo Range: 90-120 BPM
– 100% Royalty Free

– High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio

– WAV, REX2, ALP and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats

I’ve Got Your Multitrack Drums Right Here

The Loop Loft just released a new collection of Multitrack Drums that I produced. Check it:

“Take the melodic mallet drumming of Art Blakey, combine it with warm brush strokes of Philly Joe Jones and mix it together with some 21st century backbeats, and you get our latest Multitrack Drums release, “Felt and Wires”. Consisting of six individual channels of drum set mics along with 4 channels of percussion, this collection gives you complete control over a very orchestral, dynamic and ethereal sounding session that will appeal to film scorers, songwriters and instrumental composers alike.”

The Loop Loft also released a bundle of the Multitrack series:

We’ve bundled the first four releases of our popular Multitrack Drum Sessions, giving you over 2 gigabytes of individually tracked drums, cymbals and percussion, all at a 25% discount! From straight up pop backbeats, to highly syncopated funk/fusion, to dramatic orchestral percussion, this bundle of Multitrack Drum Sessions will give you a wide range of arrangement options and grooves, as well as the flexibility and control that only individually tracked drums can provide.”