Two Drummers – Twice the Swing

Do yourself a favor and watch this rehearsal footage of Joshua Redman’s fantastic double trio, featuring Brian Blade and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. You kids want to see how to swing? Check out Blade’s playing at the 2:25 mark. That’s how you fucking swing.

The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection

I told you kids I’ve been busy. Turn up your speakers and check out the video below:


The Loop Loft is excited to announce the launch of The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection.  The first release of our official “Artist Series” loop packs, the Bob Reynolds Loop Collection is the ultimate set of loops performed by one of the premier saxophonists in modern music . Recorded over the course of several days in a Los Angeles studio, we worked directly with Reynolds to produce 13 complete sessions of high quality sax recordings that are specifically tailored for looping in WAV, AIFF (Apple Loops) and REX2 formats.

Bob has performed with notable jazz artists including Brian Blade, Aaron Goldberg, Gregory Hutchinson, and Tom Harrell.  His credits in the pop world include recordings and world tours with a diverse range of artists including: John Mayer, Nellie McKay, Richard Bona, Guy Sebastian and Jonah Smith.

Big News

After my previous post, I’m sure you’re all wondering what “the big” news is. In fact, your fingers are probably tired from refreshing my blog over and over… just in hopes that you’ll be the first to hear what it is that I have to say. Well, the wait is finally over. Pour yourself a stiff drink and read on…

This announcement is somewhat bittersweet for me, and those of you who have been longtime subscribers and noticed a “cancellation email” the other day probably know what I’m about to say, but as of this month, I will no longer being doing the monthly/subscription-based “Gruss Loops” sets. After twelve glorious volumes, thousands of loops, and countless hours recording and editing, I’ve decided to shift much of my time and energy on to another exciting project: producing a new loop series for the

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, isn’t that just your other website? wtf, bro?!”.

True. It is my other website. But that site isn’t all about me. And it isn’t all about drum loops. I created that site for a different purpose. After doing this blog thing for a while and cranking out a ton of loops, I took a good look around and realized there was an opportunity. A chance to put together an all-star roster of musicians under one roof loft and produce the highest quality, most musical loops available anywhere on the planet. Think of it like The Wrecking Crew or The Funk Brothers for the 21st century and you’ll be in the right ballpark. And via the wonders of the internets, I’m able to assemble this team of first-call studio musicians in NYC, London, Nashville and Los Angeles and work with them directly from my studio in Boston.

The first offering from one of these musicians will be released later this week. (hint) Odds are you’ve recently seen him on tv, heard him on the radio… or watched him play live at Royal Albert Hall or Madison Square Garden. No, it’s not Justin Bieber. But don’t count him out…

As far as this blog is concerned.. it’s not going anywhere. In fact, I’ll probably post more frequently than I did before. Where else would I be able to post videos about Pete Dallas?? And yes, there will still be free loops from time to time.

Anyway, enough about me. Here’s some other news you should check out:

Vol XII is here!

And only 10 minutes late. I apologize for the delay. My studio assistant has been so busy picking out all of the brown M&M’s in the bowl that I keep next to my La-Z-Boy that he forgot to upload this wonderful pack of loops for my members. It’s now after midnight and I must get my beauty rest. Look for more details, and some earth-shattering, mind-blowing news to be posted soon.

Same 'ol package design - Brand new loops!