Ladies & Gentleman, Please Welcome The Loop Loft!

Well, after several months of coding, editing, cursing, rejoicing and testing, the big day has finally arrived. I’m pleased to announce the official launch of my new website,!


This blog has been (and will remain) my “virtual workshop”, bringing readers along for the ride as I record and produce beats in my studio and share my thoughts and inspiration around the music. But this blog (built on wordpress) isn’t an ideal distribution center for large digital files. It’s been great for giving subscribers access to the wide mix of loops I create each month, but as far as packaging my growing library of loops into tight niches/genres and giving customers the option to select their own desired file types, wordpress just doesn’t have the flexibility. The new site was designed entirely around the online shopping experience, focusing on the product itself and the ability to quickly and easily download it directly to your computer.

The Loop Loft will not only act as an outlet for my drum loops, but will soon include releases from other instrumentalists as well. I’ll be working with top session musicians in NYC, LA, Nashville and London to bring you the funkiest, most soulful, un-programmed, unique and inspiring loops anywhere in the world. Yes, that’s quite a claim, but just watch. The loop world is about to change. And we won’t charge you $79 for the experience.

So, come on in and take a tour. The paint is still drying so be careful where you sit. And while you’re at it, follow The Loop Loft on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the release of The Yngwie Malmsteen Shred-Pack Vol 1.

Brushing Up On The Funk

Such a pun-laden headline could only mean one thing: Another funk loop. And rather than picking up the sticks and burying the VU meters into the red, I decided to to go the subtle route and use brushes to lay down the back beat.

Jim Keltner - Master of brushes, forks and pens.
Jim Keltner - Master of brushes, forks and pens.

Loop #119

I’ll admit, I’m not breaking any new ground with today’s groove. Drummers like Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner, and even the guy from G. Love and Special Sauce have been incorporating brushes into funk and pop grooves for years. I am, however, providing you with two measures of pristinely-produced, wide open snare, right hand on the floor tom, brush-based goodness.


Preview Here:


Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

103 BPM

One For The Fist Pumpers

I know, I know. There’s been a serious lack of loop postings recently. This isn’t because I haven’t been keeping busy in the studio. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. For the past month or so, I’ve been burning the midnight oil, cranking away at something so big, so revolutionary, that it needs its own URL. It’s a project that’s been a plan of mine for years and finally, technology has caught up to my vision, enabling me to pull it all off. More details to be released soon. Stay tuned.

And for whatever reason, I’ve recently found myself watching a lot of the trainwreck-on-tv known as “The Jersey Shore”. I can’t really tell you how or why I started to tune into this hugely entertaining yet morally, ethically, and intellectually inept MTV series (can I blame it on my wife?), but regardless, I find it fascinating. My favorite part of the show is when the cast goes out clubbing (which is apparently every night), the house music starts thumping, and the guys start fist pumping to the beat.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know how I feel about dance music. Perhaps The Jersey Shore is starting to change my stance? Nah, it isn’t. But from watching some serious fist pumping on a weekly basis, I’ve been inspired to record another beat suitable for the Snooki in everyone.

Guys, this is for you.
Guys, this is for you.

Loop #118

Before using today’s loop, make sure you get juiced-up, hit the gym, spend at least 25 minutes in a tanning bed, put on your favorite Ed Hardy t-shirt, and apply at least 7 oz of hair product to your dome. My pumped-up house beats will take care of the rest.

Preview Here:


Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

135 BPM


Well, it looks like we have our first winner in the “Beat & Bratwurst Contest”. This photo was submitted by Endai Hüdl, whom you might remember as the composer of the electro-dance-circus epic, “Ded Blokkz Mambo”. While the jury is still debating the authenticity of this image (those are some HUGE brats), I applaud the effort that went into its creation. That said, I’m happy to present Endai with three free months of member’s only access here at

Congrats Endai!
Congrats Endai!

The Return of Chaircrusher

You might remember Chaircrusher from the “name this odd meter” contest I had a while back. Well, he’s taken some of his prize winnings (extremely valuable Gruss Loops) and incorporated them into the following track.


Some of the track details from Chaircrusher:

Juno60 — chords (thru AudioDamage BigSeq)
JP6 — bassline
Goldbaby Kick
Hats from ???
Some of my own sampled percussion.
One of the free Gruss brush loops from last year.

As is my custom, I generally load your rex files, then have Ableton
Live slice them to a Drum rack, and sequence them myself. I will make
an effort to use some of your loops more or less intact in the near
future, but I will probably edit them to make my own turnarounds and

I have, however loaded some Gruss Loops and extracted groove from them
for use in track. In fact I’ve swiped a groove from one loop and then
used it to quantize midi loops driving ANOTHER of your loops split
onto a drum rcak…


Nice work Mr. Crusher. Or can I just call you Chair?

Rabbit fur costume for the brain.

Today I bring you the latest track submitted from one of my readers. Recorded by Endai Hüdl in Berlin, Germany, the song is entitled “Ded Blokkz Mambo” and incorporates the Blakey-esque loop #79. Unfortunately, Endai didn’t include much of a backstory to the track. He did, however, provide a brief description:

“Rabbit fur costume for the brain. helps me concentrate…”

After listening to the track, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ded Blokkz Mambo by endai hüdl

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Gruss

Watch out Hasselhoff, I’m about to steal your turf! I’m happy to announce that is featured on the cover of the February issue of Beat magazine (not to be confused with TigerBeat). The magazine is now available on newstands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And what is so cool about this magazine? It contains a DVD with over 1 GB of drum loops recorded by yours truly! All royalty free. I recommend that you hop in your Volkswagen, drive to your nearest magazine vendor and pick up a copy.


Since I’m several thousand miles away from the nearest physical copy of the magazine, I figured I’d hold a little contest to at least feel like I was there. Here are the details:

How To Play:

Take a photograph of yourself with a copy of the February issue of Beat.
In this photo, there MUST be bratwurst present.
There must also be sauerkraut along with the bratwurst. Either on the side or on the actual bratwurst itself. Your call.
Note – Photos without sauerkraut will immediately be disqualified.

How To Enter

Email your photo to:


Everyone who submits a picture that meets the required specifications will win a free, three month subscription to the member’s only section of Over the course of these three months, you will have access to over 300 custom, royalty free drum loops.

Ok, that about sums it up. Let the games begin. I will be posting photos of all incoming entries so stay tuned!


Send Me Your Tracks!

Have you used a loop in one of your recordings? If so, I’d love to hear it and share it with everyone. Just click on the drop box widget below to upload your tracks (AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP3 or AAC formats) and I’ll add it to the “User Examples” category of the blog.

Send me your track

Gruss Loops Volume VIII is now available!

I know what you were thinking. “Ryan has been doing nothing the past two weeks but eating mashed potatoes, drinking his weight in Harpoon Winter Ale and taking extended naps. There’s no way he’ll have Volume VIII recorded, produced and edited by January 1st.” Well, you were wrong. Yes, I have been overindulging a bit this holiday season, but I’ve also been busy in the studio, putting together my finest Loop Pack to date. Ladies and Gentlemen of the distinguished member’s only section, I present to you, Gruss Loops Volume VIII!

Gruss Loops - Volume 8
Gruss Loops - Volume 8

91_Thicky – When I was in college, there was a certain girl that my friends and I used to pay extra special attention to while eating in the cafeteria. She was a natural beauty, with long black hair and an apparent appetite for frozen yogurt. Definitely not obese in anyway, and far from being stick-thin, she was dubbed with the highly un-pc nickname, “Thicky”. While I feel bad, looking back and remembering such misogynistic behavior, I still wanted to name a loop pack after her. Thicky, these beats (topped with chopped walnuts and extra sprinkles) are for you.


132_HitMe – Amped up, angular and funky, these grooves combine the intricate ghost notes of Clyde Stubblefield , the aggressive beat displacement of Kenwood Dennard and the compressor-happy production of Ryan Gruss.


83_SlapBack – If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I’m a fan of reverb (when done right). The 80’s wouldn’t have been the same without the 4 second long decay on the snare and I don’t want to imagine a world without gated reverb on Phil Collins’ toms. This set of loops is my nod to the often overlooked flavor of reverb, the “slapback”.


93_FifteenEight – While other loop sites consider 5/4 and 7/8 the ultimate in odd meters, I consider it just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve decided to raise the bar and record a series of loops that you’ll need all ten fingers and one foot (assuming you haven’t had any horrific lawnmower accidents) to count. Welcome to the wonderful world of 15/8.


179_HighAndTight – Pristinely produced up-tempo pop with a hint of drums and bass, this set of beats is focused around my 10″ Premier soprano snare. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, my Pearl 6 1/2″ x 14″ brass snare makes a cameo appearance towards the end.


106_Crunched – Would you believe me if I told you this set of grooves was inspired by Jesus Jones’ 1990 pop anthem, “Right Here, Right Now“? Well, it’s true. While stuck in holiday traffic last week, this song came over the car radio and instantly took me back to seventh grade. During that first year of junior high, I was 5′ 9” and the tallest kid in my class. Fast forward nineteen years later and I’m still 5′ 9″… and I still act like a seventh grader. Not much has changed, other than my affinity for distorting dance grooves.


190_TwelveEight – Not to be confused with the aforementioned 15/8 loops, these 12/8 grooves are far from the world of odd meters. With a steady back beat and an easy to identify “one”, this is the time signature that blues legends, strippers and even Journey have turned to for years.


To become a subscriber and gain instant access to all of the 100+ loops (each as AIFF, WAV and REX2) in Volume VIII, just click the button below.