Poop Loops

Loop #73

Things are pretty crazy at Gruss Headquarters right now. Not only am I busy preparing for Volume II of the loop packs, I have a few other musical projects which I’m in the middle of. And on top of that, my wife just reminded me it’s my turn to clean the cat box. As much as I’d rather be writing on this blog, making fun of certain fusion drummers and telling stories about random celebrity encounters, I have other work to do. And some poop to scoop.

We're working on it.
We're working on it.

On that note, I leave you with this beat. It’s an outtake from some odd time grooves in Volume II. Four bars phrase in 7/8 with a bit of a drum and bass turnaround on the last measure.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (96MB)

Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

94 BPM

What About Bob?

Today, as I was recording and editing drums for “Gruss Loops Volume II”, I thought about how much more interesting it would be (for both me and my subscribers) to collaborate with another artist during the creation process. Scrolling through the massive Rolodex of musicians in my head, one name immediately jumped out as the perfect partner in crime: Bob Reynolds.

Bob Reynolds
Bob Reynolds

Bob is one of my best friends and one of the greatest saxophonists (and composers) I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. Based in Los Angeles, Bob is an accomplished musician who keeps a busy schedule in both the jazz and pop worlds. He recently finished up a two year long world tour with another one of my old friends, John Mayer, and has also performed and/or recorded with Nellie McKay, Brian Blade, Tom Harrell and a host of others.

Bob and I spoke on the phone for almost an hour, brainstorming of all the possible ways we could collaborate in a method which would be intriguing to subscribers as well as push our personal creative boundaries. After some deep thought and a heated game of rock-paper-scissors (I don’t advise trying to play this over the phone), here’s what we ultimately decided to do:

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Just to clear things up…

I’ve read some recent discussions on various message boards and blogs across the internets about my site and I wanted to set the record straight on a few things.

1. I’m still going to post FREE loops on a regular basis. I started this blog with the intent of sharing and exchanging musical ideas (and insults) with the rest of the world and I will continue to do so.

2. The “Members Only” aka “Subscription Service” = Premium Content. Think of it this way; Those of you working with the free loops are eating Big Macs. Sure, they’re tasty… but you’re going to eventually get fat and might start playing D&D every night. Plus, how much are you going to do with just one beat? Those of you working with the Loop Packs are dining on fine filet mignon (medium rare). You have abs of steel and are getting tired of constantly being stalked by runway models. You have a wide variety of beats and fills and at your disposal and can’t remember what life was like before you became a member of this blog.

Which would you rather have?
Which would you rather eat?

Ok…. enough with the bad analogies. I just wanted to take this opportunity to address the confusion. Now I’m hungry. Off to eat some McNuggets…

Happy Birthday to Me

And what a birthday it’s been. All kinds of presents, cards, emails, phone calls and tweets. To top that off, my wife took me out for a surprise gourmet dinner at Chuck E. Cheese’s. The highlight of which, was sitting in with their famed house band. The drummer, Pasqually, was kind enough to let me take over the throne while he put a few pizzas in the oven.

Pasqually - Chef/Drummer
Pasqually aka 'Doughfoot'

Anyway, enough about me. I wanted to thank everyone who has subscribed to the “Members Only” section. The response has been amazing and I can’t wait to hear what everyone creates with the loop packs. I’m already deep in the editing process for Volume 2 and there’s a lot of cool stuff to come. There will be even more jazz and experimental sounds on top of the more mainstream rock/pop grooves.

Loop #72

In keeping with the birthday theme, today’s loop is inspired by The Beatles’ “Birthday” song. I took Ringo’s “soul beat” breakdown, which includes a driving snare on all fours and some tambourine overdubs, and tried to capture a nice, natural sound with the overheads and room mics.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (95MB)

Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

138 BPM

Today is a great day in the history of drum loops.

Let’s be honest. $50 is way too much to pay for a pack of drum loops. I’ve listened to what’s out there and the majority of them suck (if I may be so bold). If you’re cool with using loops recorded by some guy living in his mom’s basement, don’t let me stop you. If you’ve been looking for something better, then continue reading.

I’ve decided to change the way you not only buy drum loops, but how you think about using them. By using a subscription-based approach, I am able to give you 100+ new loops every month as well as in-depth commentary about the recording process, my thoughts and inspirations for each groove and I’ll even show you ticks and trips for arranging the loops to create your own custom drum parts. You’re not just getting a zip file full of loops, you’ll get inside the head of the drummer who created them (for better or for worse).

And the best part? It’s only $9.95 a month.

Subscribe to the “Members Only” section and gain instant access to the following:

100 + new loops every month – all in WAV, REX2, & AIFF formats!

High Quality 24-bit stereo 48 kHz files.

Gruss Loops - Volume One
Gruss Loops - Volume One

Each set of loops contains multiple groove variations (with both hi hat and ride cymbal) and drum fills. From straight and simple verse beats to big and open chorus grooves, you’ll find everything you need to arrange your own custom drum tracks.

Not only do you get a wide variety of grooves and tempos, you’ll also get the vast range of production sounds and styles you’ve come to know from this blog. With my extensive collection of drums, cymbals and microphones, I’ll provide you with plenty of fresh and unique beats every month to keep you inspired.

Loops downloaded from the Member’s Only area are 100% Royalty Free!
No additional licensing is necessary to use these beats for commercial purposes. Go ahead, use these drum tracks to create your next Grammy-winning hit song. Just be sure to thank me from the podium.

Monthly Membership – $9.95 per month:


Yearly Membership – $99.95 per year (20% savings!)

Note – After submitting your payment information, you will automatically be redirected to ryangruss.com where you will be able to create your own username and password. There is no commitment and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, simply sign into PayPal and view your transaction history (recent activity). Click “Details” on the entry that reads “Subscription Creation”. You will then have the option to click the “Cancel Subscription” button. You will also no longer be my friend.

Compatible Software:

Cubase, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Cakewalk, Sonar, Native Instrument Samplers, Nuendo, Pro-Tools, FL Studio, Akai MPC, Digital Performer, Magix, Tracktion, Steinberg Squel, Sonar, Windows Media Player, Reason, Stylus RMX, Logic, FL Studio, Cubase 5 & SX, Nuendo 2.0, Cakewalk Project 5, Digidesign Protools, MOTU Digital Performer & Mach 5, Riff Tracker, Synapse Audio Orion Platinum, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic Express & many others.