The Return of Chaircrusher

You might remember Chaircrusher from the “name this odd meter” contest I had a while back. Well, he’s taken some of his prize winnings (extremely valuable Gruss Loops) and incorporated them into the following track.


Some of the track details from Chaircrusher:

Juno60 — chords (thru AudioDamage BigSeq)
JP6 — bassline
Goldbaby Kick
Hats from ???
Some of my own sampled percussion.
One of the free Gruss brush loops from last year.

As is my custom, I generally load your rex files, then have Ableton
Live slice them to a Drum rack, and sequence them myself. I will make
an effort to use some of your loops more or less intact in the near
future, but I will probably edit them to make my own turnarounds and

I have, however loaded some Gruss Loops and extracted groove from them
for use in track. In fact I’ve swiped a groove from one loop and then
used it to quantize midi loops driving ANOTHER of your loops split
onto a drum rcak…

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Nice work Mr. Crusher. Or can I just call you Chair?