The New Studio

Well, after a few months of attending countless open houses and scouring the internet for real estate, I’m relieved to say my wife and I finally found a new house…. and a new recording studio. Upon our first viewing of this particular property, she fell in love with the Colonial Revival architecture (the house was built in 1830 and “updated” in 1907) and the perennial gardens surrounding the house, while I was won over by something totally different: The two-story carriage house in the back.

The New Studio
Gruss Studios HQ

The interior of the carriage house is pretty raw, but a nice clean slate for building a studio. It just needs two crucial elements to make it suitable for a recording environment:

1. Electricity
2. Soundproofing

Does anyone out there have experience with converting 180 year old barns into music studios? The nearest neighbor is a few hundred feet away, but I want the soundproofing to be sufficient enough to allow me to record at any hour. I’ve read about some soundproofing materials available online, but until I see Billy Mays (RIP) endorsing it, I’m going to remain skeptical. I know a lot of you have your own studios and I’d love to hear any suggestions or words of wisdom you may have.