The Clock is Ticking

I just wanted to give everyone a quick (and not so subtle) reminder that today is the last day to subscribe and download Gruss Loops – Volume IV. At the stroke of midnight (EDT), it will be swiped from the membership shelf and replaced with the eagerly awaited, critically acclaimed Volume V. As I’ve mentioned before, the end of the month is the best time to join, since you’ll be able to download over 200 different loops in the span of 24 hours…. all for the insanely low price of $9.95 Normally, you can’t buy 2 ham sandwiches for that price… let alone over 200 loops.

"Look kids, Big Ben!"
Look kids, Big Ben!

If you’ve been thinking about joining, now’s the time. And don’t just take it from me. Check out some of the recent subscriber feedback:

“Like I said before, I like your loops: most loop collections – and over the years I bought quite a few pricey cd-roms for my old Roland S760 sampler over the years – inherently have stuff that doesn’t fit your particular taste or material, that’s fine and inevitable, but I find a lot of drum loop stuff disappointing for another reason: the loops are well-played and well-recorded but they’re not handy or usable in any kind of musical setting because they’re too ‘busy’ with too many funky details and flourishes and bass drum hits in all the wrong places… I don’t need a drum clinic, I just need a drum track for my pop song. You seem to understand what these loops are for! So thanks!”Herman G.

“I signed up as the feel of your loops sound awesome, and more useable than what I’ve heard from other offerings, especially from Beta Monkey or Drums on Demand. Otherwise, I think your product stands head and shoulders above anything I’ve heard, both in feel and attitude.”James. B

So, in short, stop paying way too much for those tired, sloppy beats from those “loop companies” and start enjoying the satisfaction and inspiration that comes from receiving over 100 new loops every month, recorded, edited, produced and brought directly to you by a real drummer.