Time to cut the ribbon up in this piece.


When 2009 rolled around I made two New Year’s resolutions that were long overdue:

1.) Build a recording studio in my house.

2.) Create a blog to share and transfer drum loops and musical ideas.

Well, 32 days into 2009 and I seem to be on track (these might be the first resolutions that I’ve ever followed through on). The recording studio is up and running (primitive but functional) and ryangruss.com is finally making it’s debut on the internets. My goal is to record and post at least one track a day while providing a quick, flash audio preview and a download link to the original, multitrack Logic files. Ok ok, enough background on the site. Now onto some music…

Loop #1


This is a pretty straight ahead funk groove. Sonically, I was going for something a bit trashy and low-fi. I’ve recently rediscovered Tom Vek’s debut album from 2005, We Have Sound. This record is chocked-full of overdriven loops and bitcrushed beats and I’m sure it influenced the recording of this track. To achieve this sound, I relied heavily on room mics, cheap, thin cymbals and a good dose of extra gain.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic files here. (49MB)

100 BPM