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Get Out Your Hacky Sack

Loop #127

Take a little bit of Sublime, mix it up with a dash of 311, and you’ve got yourself some serious stoner-funk-reggae. This particular genre requires one very ringy, high-pitched snare drum, some off-beat hi hat skankin’, and an extra large brownie.

Crunchy grooves, brah!

Here’s a four measure loop that will make patchouli oil ooze from your speakers.

Preview Here:

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Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

78 BPM

Lunchtime Lesson – Why Def Leppard smells like Patchouli

Def Leppard‘s, Rick Allen, gives us a tour of his unique setup and discusses the importance of using “smell” to get in the zone. Personally, I need to smell some bacon to keep things in the pocket. I usually set up a couple of frying pans around my kit. One next to my hi hat and the other by the floor tom. I like to mic these up with 57’s and pan them (pun intended) hard left and right.