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Sunday Scofield (& Metheny)

I apologize for the lack of loops over the past few days. I’ve been busy updating my studio to Logic 9 and setting up a new iMac. Oh yeah, and I’ve been raking an insane amount of leaves. After spending the past eight years in NYC, with little more than 600 square feet to my name, I forgot what a massive pain in the ass a yard full of dead leaves can be.

Anyway, look for a bunch of new loops this week. Since I’ve doubled the size of my computer monitor, I figure I’ll be twice as productive when recording (or at least this is how I rationalized the purchase to my wife). In the meantime, here’s a live video from 1994 of John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart performing in Stuttgart, Germany. This track is called “Everybody’s Party” and can be found on their excellent Blue Note release, I Can See Your House From Here.