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Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones
Charlie Watts - The Rolling Stones

When it comes to “rock drummer” stereotypes, no one breaks the mold more than The Rolling Stones’ own Charlie Watts. He’s in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, yet he plays the smallest drum set you’ll ever seen in an arena. He’s never been banned from a hotel for inappropriate/illegal behaviour involving mud sharks. And I’m pretty sure he’s never choked on his own vomit.

Charlie & his patented Panty Deflectorâ„¢
Charlie & his patented Panty Deflectorâ„¢

Charlie is a master of simplicity, not only in his approach to grooves, but also in the sound he gets out of the drums. Both are natural, understated and serve the song to the fullest. While most rock drummers tend to bash as hard as they can, breaking sticks and blistering their hands, Charlie has gone years without having to change a snare head. Something to think about.

Loop #21

As my ‘one handed recording’ continues into day three, I figured it was the perfect time to approach something in the style of Charlie Watts. In many of his grooves, he plays all of the eighth notes on the hi hat EXCEPT for on 2 and 4 (which allowed me to play the hat and snare with one hand). You really don’t notice it on the recordings, but it’s there. Just listen. It’s very subtle, looks a little awkward, and is actually hard to duplicate, but that’s what makes Charlie different from the rest. That and his patented Panty Deflectorâ„¢.

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